As an experienced Licensed Real Estate Agent, I can help you with Buying a Home and/or Selling Your Home. I can also show you how you can use your IRA to invest in Real Estate. You can also count on me to share the insider secrets of the Real Estate Investment game with you.

Thank you for considering me to be your trusted Real Estate Agent and Advisor. I appreciate you.

Serving people and families, in and around the Baltimore Area, has been a lifelong vocation for me. And I love it! My family owned and operated a chain of Ace Hardware stores for 15 years. It was at those “Mom and Pop” stores, where I cut my teeth as a customer service centered professional. The next 10 years were spent on the road as a Sales Specialist for a local equipment and hardware dealer. Solving client’s problems and leading instructional forums were my primary activities. Outside sales was enjoyable for me. However, my passion was revealed to me in 1997, when as a part-time Realtor, I helped my first client buy a house. Moving my client centered focus to the real estate industry was a seamless transition. Now a full-time agent and investor, I jump out of bed every morning looking to help people like you.

Are You Looking to Buy a House?

When you decide that it’s time to move, let’s schedule a couple of minutes in person, or on the phone, so that I can get a sense of what it is that you are looking to do. This will give us each dedicated, uninterrupted time to talk about what’s important to you. My role is then to make what’s important to you, come true for you. We will map out an action plan covering all phases of the home buying process for you, so that you are comfortable moving forward with your home ownership plans. Everything from private tours of houses for sale to expertly negotiating a killer deal for you, to handing you the keys to your new home, will be handled by me and my team. Thank you for trusting your home ownership goals to me. I appreciate you and will work hard for you. Your Initial Consultation is at No Cost and is Absolutely 100% Confidential.

Do You Need to Sell Your Home?

When you decide that it’s time to move, let’s schedule a time for me to come out to your home and discuss the home selling process with you. Your home is likely the most expensive thing that you own, and you need a trusted professional, like myself, to lead you through the home selling process. You go to work and live your life and leave the home selling to me and my team. This is what we do, day in and day out. There is a lot of risk involved with selling your home in todays real estate market. Trust your home sale to me. You will be glad that you did. I will be looking out for your interests only.

Questions you may have include things like: What do I need to fix-up around the house so that my house sells? How will my house be marketed online? Do I need to stage my home? How do I do that? What about codes, and laws, and contracts, and inspections, and negotiating? How do I know that the Buyer will go through with the purchase? These, and other questions, will be answered for you when we get together.

“No Stone is Left Unturned” when it comes to Getting Your House Sold, Sold Quickly and Sold for the Most $$ Money. Everything, from A-Z, is taken care of for you.

Your Initial Consultation is at No Cost and is Absolutely 100% Confidential.

Give me a call: 443-977-4557 and experience personalized professional service that will really make a difference for you.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!

“We have known Brian for over twenty years from when he owned the hardware stores and were thrilled to hear he was in the Real Estate business now. We have always known Brian to be honest with standards of high integrity. Brian was honest with us about what to expect. He kept us updated regularly, with e-mail and phone calls, both with the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old house. No one thing stands out. Brian and his staff worked as a team to make the whole process seem easy. We would highly recommend Brian to anyone who is interested in selling their home, or buying a home.” Cliff and Ellie Elgin, Bel Air, MD
“I chose Brian Reagan because he is honest, dependable, knowledgeable and friendly. He showed me a variety of homes, in and around the Parkville area, and helped me sort out the pros and cons of each one. I wanted a very particular kind of home, in a tight price range, and Brian was very patient with me throughout the whole process. Brian and his team were all great. It seemed that the Seller, or their agent, were unreasonable during the negotiations that could’ve derailed the whole thing and I really wanted this house. Everyone was getting all excited, but Brian kept his cool. I could tell Brian was focused on what I wanted. He negotiated a very good deal for me and the transaction went smoothly, once we agreed on terms. The things that stand out most about the home buying process were Brian’s professionalism in how he dealt with everyone involved and how quickly he got me to closing handing me the keys to my new home. As long I would purchase or sell a house in Maryland, I will always use Brian. I always recommend Brian to anyone who needs to buy or sell houses. He does a good job. My friend John used Brian as his real estate agent and bought a house in Hamden.” Matthew Cremen, Parkville MD
“Brian, I am so happy to write a letter of recommendation for you. Brian and I have known each other since 1974. When Marty and Bill told me that Brian was in the Real Estate business, I was excited to reconnect with him. Right up-front Brian told me that he didn’t want to “sell me a house”, but that he wanted to help me find and own the right home for me and my two children. I thought that was refreshing to hear. He lived up to that promise, he was never pushy and was very laid back through the whole “finding” process. Once I had my offer accepted, Brian really came through for me on several fronts. The mortgage lender at my bank dropped the ball, they hadn’t even begun to work on my loan with only days until settlement. Brian spent hours one morning making sure my file was in the hands of the supervisor of the whole mortgage department. Brian literally is the sole reason that I was able to buy the house of my dreams in Kingsville. In what was a very stressful couple of days, Brian was a steady and calming influence for me. Also, he negotiated a very good deal for me at the outset and made sure that the Sellers fixed and made all of the necessary repairs. I strongly recommend using Brian to Buy or Sell a home. He is very personable and will look out for you. I have already put Brian in touch with one of my co-workers who is looking to own her own home, for Brian to help her.” Amy Grauer, Kingsville, MD
“When we first met Brian, we thought he was so friendly and nice. He’s a very outgoing person. Right away he made us feel like we were his most important clients ever. He was so helpful. We really appreciate how patient and understanding he has been throughout our time together. Sometimes we would call him at night because we wanted to see a house that just came on the market and he would get us in right away. Once we found the house we wanted, Brian was extremely professional and responsive the whole time. We had a lot of issues with our loan and he was able to talk to our lender and smooth things out for us. In a million years, we never thought we would be able to own the house we are in now. It was so stressful right up to settlement, but Brian always calmed us down. We would absolutely recommend Brian to anyone who is Buying a house. Hopefully, we never have to move again, we love our home, but if we do, we’ll be calling Brian to Sell our house.” Jack and Dawn Griffin, Middle River, MD
“First off I have to say that Brian is a good looking and charming man. When I met him the first time I could tell that he would go above and beyond to get my house Sold and he did. The guy who cuts my grass, Dean, referred Brian to me and said that Brian had Sold his house in like 9 days or something. Brian Sold my house in 15 days! He asked me not to make a big deal about that because it doesn’t always happen like that, but hey, selling fast was my main goal, because I am moving out of town. Brian had me do a lot of stuff to get ready to put my house on the market and obviously it paid off, because we Sold it quickly. Where he really shined was when the house was under contract and how he navigated that whole process. The agent that represented the Buyer was horrible! She got every single thing to everybody at the last possible minute and made it very difficult to get the deal done. Brian never spoke ill of her, but instead just made sure that we got this thing done. Without going into details, we had issues with the house, with the other agent, with the Buyer’s lender and Brian was always so cool and collected. I would call him on the phone, hysterical, and he would calm me down. I would recommend Brian again and again to everyone. My only regret is that Brian cannot represent me in the purchase of my next home, because I’m moving out of state. He did refer me to a great agent in North Carolina though. Thank you Brian!” Amy Lauer, Hamilton, MD

Brian Reagan


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