To our company, social media is a big deal. We take pride in promoting our core values as a company, educating borrowers about the home buying process, and offering customer service solutions unmatched by any other in the industry. It is our promise as mortgage professionals to put the needs of the client first. It is also our duty to give you our absolute best, from application through closing, on every phone conversation, email exchange, or in-person interaction that we have with you. Our company strives to live up to these standards each and every day, and your feedback provides us the ability to enhance our performance standards even further. You business matters to us, and we value your opinion.

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The first step involved in the "Share Your Experience Program" is to simply write a review on behalf of your experience working with our company. We realize that coming up with content to write about isn't always the easiest, so we provided a list of questions for you to ponder to help get things started. Ideally, we are looking for a 10-15 sentence paragraph bout your SPECIFIC experience using our company. Feel free to talk about anything! Do keep in mind that the more DETAILED you are the better the review.

You can post the same review to all social media sites! You do NOT have to write more than one review!

Things to think about

  • Include: Your Mortgage Loan Officer's name & your loan purpose ( i.e. Home Purchase or Refinance)
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. Ideas include your hometown, occupation, marital status, anything to make this seem personal!
    • Example: I am a father of two children, from Baltimore, MD and have been an electrician for 15 years)
  • Have you worked with other mortgage companies in the past? If so, briefly talk about your experience working with them and make a comparison to our company. If you are a first-time home buyer, please mention that you are a first-time buyer.
  • How did you hear about our company?
    • Example: Facebook, Referral, Direct Mail Piece, realtor etc.
  • What did we specifically do that impressed you? Was it customer service? Did we answer all of your questions? Did we make this process smooth and effortless?
  • How was our selection of mortgage products? Did we have the right products to suit your mortgage goals?
  • Did we save you money/ have a competitive interest rate?
  • Would you recommend using us to a friend coworker or relative ?
  • At RMS, we pride ourselves in homebuyer education. We want you to walk away feeling like you learned something, and actually understood the documents that you were signing. Did you find your mortgage loan originator/ our mortgage calculators/ website and homebuyer education videos helpful within this process?
  • How would you describe your initial feelings going into the home buying/ refinance process? Did your feelings change at the completion of this process with our company?
  • In one summary sentence, how would you describe our company/ your overall experience?

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