1. Are you a full time real estate agent? Someone that dedicated their entire work week in their profession will be much more qualified than a weekend warrior. It’s very good sign if an agent has a decade of realtor experience, especially if they likely survived the housing crisis.
  2. Talk is cheap and proof is in the pudding! Your next and probably best question is how many sales do you close per month or in the last year. Even more specifically and valuable is how many sales they sold in a certain neighborhood or zip code.
  3. Are there any cost associated with your services? Most of the realtor commissions are paid by the seller; however, some realtors charge a broker admin fee and even fees for acting as a buyer’s agent.
  4. The mortgage crisis created a great amount of short sales, foreclosures and bank owned properties, ask if your realtor has experience with these kinds of transactions. As you review these types of potential properties, your realtor needs to know how to manage these sellers and potential obstacles you may encounter.
  5. Just like you would ask for references before hiring a contractor, baby sitter or another important job, you should ask your realtor (applicant) for the names and phone numbers of their past buyers they helped find a home.